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Detailed profiles, with limited nudity making for friendlier, and more serious gay meetups. Feedback shows admins thoroughly check profiles, a plus for anyone involved in homosexual meetups.


This dating platform boasts decent features, but many of which are only accessible on paid memberships. It might not be as pocket-friendly for budget-oriented men . Additionally, some profiles remain quite scanty, which deters newbies.

Member Choice 5.0
Match & Search 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Privacy & Safety 4.9
Help & Support 5.0
Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021

Insight on Who uses Buddygays.com

Upon review, feedback from the site's users shows more positive than negative vibes, including screened profiles and profile identification. Upon registration, which is free on Buddygays, members get to dating via chats with real people. It is all possible due to dedicated admins screening profiles for fake photos, including cartoons and avatars, which aren't allowed.

Members joining Buddygays are primarily English-speaking men seeking men for gay dating purposes. Some seek a long-term partner, but most are looking for one-off encounters with gay men in their vicinity. There are no women on this site as it is solely a website for gay men seeking men.

Buddygays users

How to Register at Buddygays

Take as much time to fill out the registration form for free. It is a free-to-use site. Hence members can be up and running in less than five minutes. All one needs are age, gender, location, email, and password info. However, you can only sign up as a man seeking men, and identity validation via email is mandatory. On is undoubtedly one of the best free gay dating sites Australia has to offer.

Once these simple steps are completed, members have the option to defer profile photo uploads. It is not required that members upload every titbit of info from the beginning. However, Buddygays members should fill out everything from the onset to avoid soliciting info.

Buddygays register

Added Functionality for User Safety

This cool gay site offers chat options with safety in mind, for starters. For instance, as you engage local gay men seeking men in chatrooms, or private messaging, the site boasts SSL encryption for users' peace of mind. No leakage or siphoning of private information occurs, neither is financial data compromised.

Thus, as you upload your credit card information and pay for upgrades, do not worry about the unauthorized use of your data. Additionally, this dating site offers safe mode options, with basic and full settings to choose from. You can thus select to chat only with verified Buddygays members or those without red-flagged profiles.

Search Filters on Buddygays.com

Search for Buddygays members using basic search functions like photos and videos. Other basic search filters include location and gender preferences. However, members may need to locate someone with particular traits in a particular area. These help a member on a jog, for instance, to find someone in a new hood, or perhaps a businessman out of town, seeking a one-nighter. On Buddygays, you can search for members based on body modifications such as tattoos or piercings, height, body type, and ethnicity. Thus, gay men can find like-minded users based on advanced search criteria, ensuring they link up with gay men matching their preferences.

Buddygays search

A Dating Site Filled with Legit Members

This popular linkup site connects local members with similar-minded people in proximity, primarily for casual flings. The site allows members to join under strict registration criteria, assuring new and old sign-ups of legit personals. Thus, as you decide to join Buddygays, rest assured that screening of personals takes place during registration, and the site offers to block and reporting options if you encounter a rogue member. Created solely to bring together like-minded gay men for good, clean fun, Buddygays facilitates secure chats and a dating void of BOTS or scammers. These are incidences encountered in bars and clubs.

About Buddygays Dating Service – Ins and Outs

It is a legitimate gay dating forum created solely for men seeking men. The site boasts a large percentage of men seeking men simply because Buddygays does not facilitate heterosexual meets. The dating platform only plays host to men looking for men.

It was created for the sole purpose of avoiding discrimination against gay men in bars and clubs while making it remarkably easier to connect with like-minded people living close by. It is an easy-to-use site, with countless personals of men within the United States, greater Canada, and of course, Australia. A member needs a credible, detailed profile, after which they can look forward to epic gay dating within their neighborhood.

Buddygays Stats

Memberships Base

It is a cool dating site for gay men seeking fun and safe homosexual encounters. This dating site was created solely for gay men to find other gay men, preferably nearby. All members are males, with a few located outside the United States. Also, and more importantly, the site facilities interracial dating, meaning Asian, Latino, and black men are free to join and enjoy chatting and flirting with other gay men in proximity. Statistically, younger-to-middle-aged men constitute a larger piece of the user base, but older gay men are seeking gay companionship. Incidentally, there are a variety of tribes to select from, including bears, twinks et al.

Membership Base – Size and Stats

An estimated 100,000 members are active weekly, and the site boasts 300,000 USA registered members
There are no females on this dating site – Buddygays boasts 100 percent males

Relationships, Status, and Desires Facilitated on Buddygays

The majority of members are looking for short-term flings
A majority of Buddygays members are single men, with few couples seeking couples' hookups

Geographic and Language Coverage – Limitations?

This site plays host to English-speaking members seeking like-minded people near them for safe flings. Most members are located within the USA, with a few from Australia.

Free and Paid Features – what's on offer?

Free users: join the hot or not game, free registration, and browsing Buddygays profiles
Paid members: browse full photo albums, private and instant messaging

Available Subscription Payment Options

Duration Buddygays Pricing
Per Month Total
1 Days $0.99 Per Day $0.99
1 Week $7 $7
1 Month $28.80 $28.80
3 Months $16.20 $48.60

Accepted Payment Methods on Buddygays

Credit card payments are allowed, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. There are no provisions for PayPal and other online payments, nor is there an allocation for cash payments.

MasterCard Visa


Tips on Starting a Chat on Buddygays.com

Take time to create a captivating profile, then proceed to maximize on free messaging options. If you upgraded, make use of unlimited messaging, engaging members in private and instant messaging.

Who Shall I Meet on Buddygays.com?

Members constitute blacks, whites, and every ethnicity possible. Additionally, the members you meet will be genuinely seeking gay meets from men in proximity.

Is Buddygays a Scam or Legitimate – Sign up or Flee?

This is a legit dating site, providing sound legal dating service to gay men worldwide.

Join Buddygays for free - gay men await your acquaintance!

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