Discover the best gay bars in Melbourne

Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021
Best Gay Bars and in Melbourne

Melbourne is a progressive and modern LGBTQ-friendly city. It is often referred to as the most “livable” of cities. In Melbourne, you will find a gay dating scene. There is a good selection of gay bars and gay clubs here. This is a fairly compact city, so it is quite easy to navigate it. This city is home to many gay bars as well as nightclubs targeting the LGBT crowd. Here's our guide to the top 10 gay bars and parties in Melbourne. You can meet attractive gay men on free gay dating sites in Australia or meet them in these bars.

The Laird Hotel

Do you think there are still gay bars where men hang out in leather suits? Yes! They do it at Laird. Here you can have a great dating and just meeting with friends. You will have the opportunity to get into exciting events with nightly activities, from pool gatherings and trivia to dance parties. There is a strict dress code for the back bar on Thursdays, but you don't need to prepare if you want to hang out in the beer garden and enjoy night dating. Check out this bar's website to find out what parties and special events are planned.

The Bottom End

The Bottom End in Melbourne is a gay-friendly meeting place; it has become popular where you can enjoy a great atmosphere.

This bar gives guests an unforgettable experience. It is a colourful and welcoming place that is a safe place for LGBTIQ + visitors and all visitors who want to have a good night dating and just have fun. It is a popular party place. Check out what events are planned on the official website of the bar, visit and have fun.

DT's Hotel

If you seek a more traditional bar offering just a decent pint and a warm welcome, then visit DT's Pub in Melbourne. This is one of the friendliest gay pubs in the city. Here you can always have a good time, arrange a fun meeting with friends or an amazing dating! The legendary Miss Candy appears on Saturday night with two shows. Almost all nights of the week, something happens there. Visit DT's Hotel and enjoy. In fact, DT's offers more than just drinks, with regular special events ranging from quizzes to garden barbecues.

The Peel

The Peel is open Friday through Saturday from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am and is the place to visit if you want some fun on the gay scene. You can enjoy Paris's performance on Friday night before dancing the night away or having a great time in the enclosed courtyard. You may meet someone you know there. As the promo says, all roads lead to The Peel! You can go to a bar with friends. Enjoy music and a great dating atmosphere. Everyone is dancing together, having fun together, you should definitely come! Here you will find a glowing disco ball and dance floor to have a great time, a bar with neon lights, and attractive gay men to meet. The Peel is a hotspot and is considered one of the most open and welcoming bars in Australia.

Sircuit bar

Sircuit in Fitzroy has become one of the most popular LGBT clubs in Melbourne. Admission is free from Wednesday to Sunday. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, there is a lot of exciting entertainment with various staged shows. You can also play billiards and have a delicious dinner. You can get even more opportunities there to dance all night long in a safe and welcoming environment. Sircuit bar is a great place for fun, meeting friends, and night dating. You can always go upstairs to the Mollies and continue the night.

Poof Doof

Poof Doof is a club with a cocky character, as the name suggests. This is a place where gay culture is maximized; it allows guests to make the most of the "gay calendar" through a series of live performances and events that attract people.

This bar has crazy evenings making it one of the most popular places in the city. The unique Poof Doof Stalkbook invites guests who drank too many drinks to take a snapshot of their night, document their evening - using a special application. Great music makes this bar popular all year round.


This bar is home to an incredible array of queer events and performers that take Fitzroy's creativity and community to the next level. On Thursdays, Honcho Disko turns Bar 86 into a hub for queer expression, and on Fridays, artists take to the stage for nights of comedy, commercials, and games. There is always a sale on the first Monday of the month, and the award-winning Edith Weil and Maureen McGillicuddy take the game to a whole new level of fun. Visit this bar and enjoy the awesome atmosphere.

Footscray Community Bar

This public space has a buffet with live music and entertainment, drag shows, and sports shows. You will even find space for karaoke rooms and art exhibitions. The Pride of Our Footscray Public Bar is a mix of entertainment, expression, and acceptance, proving that diversity is the highlight of life in the West. If your digital wallet has accumulated cryptocurrency, then this is the place where you can come and spend it because the Pride of our Footscray team is happy to accept bitcoins at the counter.


Adam, this nudist club uses its space on Mondays and Tuesdays for party and gay lovers. Their one-off Underwear Affair in December demonstrates that clothing is very rare, but some attendees want to see what it's all about without taking off all of their clothes. ADAM caters to members of the gay community who want to express themselves and feel comfortable in their natural form truly.

Being completely naked can be too difficult for those looking to do a good first dating here, but this is the place where everything becomes possible.


It`s also a club bar open all year round. In addition to the evenings that are held there, the bar is also a source of information and a reception centre where everyone can collect news and all kinds of advice and information! Great staff and vibrant evening shows. In this bar, you can make your evening amazing and have great dating.

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