Important information about us

Established since the year 1994, has remained an amazing dinner club dedicated to singles and has recorded a huge success since its year of establishment. Since its establishment, it has remained an effective means to connect many members who carved a long-term relationship and friendship just as it is on other Aussie dating sites via its service. One of the concerns of its members is with who and how they spend their leisure hours. We remain proud to have formed our strong business from attention to detail as well as quality. We are always enthusiastic about creating value among our members and connecting a wide range of men and women. After 23 years of our coming on board, we have carried out a personal interview without members. Referral has been one of the effective means our members have joined our platform, including the use of word of mouth. (About 30 per cent) preorganized group of dinner is where our members connect for a smooth discussion and are handed the opportunities of meeting new singles.

Our Objectives

The following are our objectives

  • To help thousands connect from within the comfort of their homes without any stress or extravagant spendings
  • To save time and reduce the energy expended on Aussie dating sites without any positive outcome
  • To help you and build a respective approach to connect with other single members with ease.
  • To expand the relationship cycle and proof that you can meet someone special apart from on Aussie dating sites
  • To help you feel at home, especially when you are new to a specific environment, by connecting with others to make your time fun
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