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(Successfully Established in Melbourne since 1994).

Tablemates organizes group dinners for single people in groups of six – 3 men and 3 women.  Our dinners are designed to provide a fun, relaxing, safe and non-intimidating opportunity for people to meet other like-minded singles within their age-group. The dinners we arrange for our members are held at fabulous, affordable restaurants across Sydney. Tablemates is a unique, progressive and contemporary dinner club for singles.  We take the time, effort and professionalism to meet the requirements of our members.

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events MelbourneOur members are single people who are successful in their lives but are too busy or don’t have the opportunity to establish new friendships or seek a potential partner.  Most of our members don’t have the inclination or time for online dating. Many of our members are in jobs or professions whereby they don’t want to have their photos and personal profiles published online, such as with online dating.

Amongst our success stories over the years, we have helped create many long-term relationships between people who, “on paper”, would not be considered a good match, or have little in common, or for some reason would not have given each Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events Melbourneother a second look, either online or elsewhere organically.  Our members’ success stories are all created by a willingness to maintain an open-mind and a spirit of acceptance.  They also understand the good news and the news, which is: Nobody is perfect!

Tablemates is also ideally suited to people who:

  • are genuinely single, i.e. never-married, separated, widowed, divorced.
  • would like to meet a potential partner, or expand their circle of friends and social life.
  • have mainly married friends who have mainly married friends, therefore find it challenging to meet new single people.
  • are new to Sydney and would like to meet new people.
  • are aged 35-75. Our actual dinner groups are organized for members that are within a 5-year age-range of each other, for age-compatibility reasons.
  • speak English fluently, as our Tablemates dinners are based on shared conversation in a small social environment.
  • don’t have compatible workmates with whom they can socialize, such as the self-employed or those working from home.
  • have no desire to attend nightclubs, gaming venues, noisy bars or social events that are unfulfilling or unsuitable for their age-group.
  • don’t wish to waste time and money trawling online dating sites, when they could be out meeting other single people in person.
  • love good food, good company and good conversation.
  • would like to meet genuine, friendly single people in a fun, no-pressure, relaxed environment.

Tablemates is a great alternative for single people who are just too busy to find a potential partner.  We do all the hard work for you!

What can I expect as a Tablemates member?

Tablemates is not an introduction agency.

Tablemates is not an online dating service.

Tablemates is a dinner/social club for like-minded singles.

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events MelbourneAlthough we do our very best to ensure you will meet like-minded singles at our group dinners, we cannot offer a guarantee that you will meet your life partner.  However, on average, two couples from each Tablemates dinner establish contact following a dinner.  Since 1994, Tablemates has had many ‘success-stories’ – long-term relationships, marriages, friendships, etc. You may well become one of them.   However, we discourage our members from placing too much pressure on themselves to achieve a certain outcome within a short timeframe as this can often undermine their enjoyment and experience of the group dinners.

If nothing else, you have the perfect opportunity to expand your social circle, make some new friends or potentially form a new relationship and have some great evenings wining and dining at many of Sydney’s quality, affordable restaurants.

We don’t ask for costly membership fees for our services. Tablemates offers a quality, affordable service by arranging dinner groups that allow you to meet other single, like-minded people to grow your circle of friends, expand your social life, meet that “special” one, or all of the above.

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events MelbourneYou meet in one of our casual, relaxed, safe, non-intimidating restaurants that host our dinners throughout your area.  It’s the perfect setting to enjoy good food, good wine and good conversation and a fabulous opportunity to get to know other single people.  At Tablemates dinners, we ensure that you meet the same members of the opposite gender only once (we keep track of whomever you have already met at our dinners; you will not be meeting the same people repeatedly at our dinners).  Our dinners are designed for you to meet new people, offer your contact details after the dinners if you wish, and then meet five new people at your next dinner.   It’s a fast-track way to meet new people.

Our members find that Tablemates dinners are a fantastic way to enhance and broaden their social life. They understand that if they always choose to stay at home with the TV or a good book, unfortunately Mr. or Ms. Right isn’t going to drop through the ceiling!

No Nasty Surprises!….

We often hear the same stories from single people who have unsuccessfully tried online dating…

  • Many online dating members are dishonest on their profiles about their circumstances or their marital status.
  • Their profile photos are often very out-dated!  For your peace-of-mind, we maintain a recent photo of all Tablemates members and ensure the Membership Application details they provide to us are accurate.
  • Singles online dating sites are very easy targets for married people who are pretending not to be!  They are also prey for overseas scammers who potentially destroy peoples’ lives, both emotionally and financially.  Tablemates head office has been located in Melbourne for almost 20 years and we initiate and maintain regular contact with our registered members.  You also have the ability to speak with someone who is an owner of the business, not an anonymous overseas company that offers no contact details or personalized service.

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events Melbourne