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Tablemates Sydney – How to Join


You simply complete the Membership Form (including all mandatory fields) which takes just a few minutes.

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events MelbourneThis gives us details about you – your circumstances, age-group, hobbies, interests, work, values and any specific preferences that are important to you. The information gives us the opportunity to match members at our dinners, whenever possible, when we organize our dinner groups. Your personal details are maintained in the strictest confidence. Our business complies with the 1988 Commonwealth Privacy Act, therefore we do not provide any of your personal details or photo to third parties unless you authorize us to do so. After you submit the Membership Form, we contact you within 3-4 business days to confirm whether your membership has been approved and also obtain any further details from you that are not provided on your Membership Application Form.

Once your Membership has been approved, you can expect your first Tablemates Dinner Invitation within 2-3 weeks. Most of our members can expect a Tablemates Dinner Invitation every 3-5 weeks on average.

Where are Tablemates dinners held?

We have carefully selected quality, affordable local Sydney restaurants to host Tablemates dinners.

For our member’s convenience, we do our best Dinner Invitations as close to their suburb as possible.

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events MelbourneThe restaurants are varied in cuisine and suit our members’ tastes and budgets.  At the end of the dinner, each member is given their own separate bill for whatever they have ordered, so there are no concerns about budgets or dividing the bill.  There is also no “minimum-spend” or set-menus at the restaurants for Tablemates bookings.  For your peace-of-mind, the restaurant staff will practice the appropriate discretion and not treat the booking as a ‘singles’ group, nor promote it as a Tablemates dinner.  You will appear to be six friends out for dinner.  Tablemates operates independently from our selected restaurants and we do not have any commercial arrangements with them, nor are we paid any referral fees by the restaurants.  No Tablemates representatives attend or host the actual dinners.

How are Tablemates Dinner Invitations offered?

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events MelbourneWhen we have arranged a group of six Tablemates members, including yourself, we will contact you via both email and text with a complete Dinner Invitation, including the date, time, venue details, booking name, etc. Typically, you would receive the invitation 10 days before the dinner date, so you can plan well-ahead. We need to finalize our dinner groups as quickly as possible, so we ask for your reply to the invitations within 24 hours.  Please ensure you reply as soon as possible to allow us enough time to arrange a replacement for you if you need to decline the invitation.

When are Tablemates dinners held?

 Tablemates dinners are offered, by invitation-only, for Friday and Saturday evenings throughout the year.

 How often can I attend a Tablemates dinner?

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events MelbourneYou can attend as many singles dinners as you wish, based on invitation-only.  Naturally, for us to provide a quality service, we try to ensure compatibility wherever possible, so the number of Dinner Invitations offered to you would also depend on the suitability of the other members attending, and also their availability on that particular evening. As stated previously, most of our members can expect a Tablemates Dinner Invitation every 3-5 weeks on average.  We try to ensure compatibility amongst the members whenever possible at our dinners, so we are confident that you will “click” with one or more people.  If you are interested in making further contact with anyone following a dinner, simply email us the next day and we will on-forward your contact details to them.  This would normally be your full name, email address and mobile number.  You will receive a copy of our email.

If I meet someone special at a Tablemates dinners and begin a committed relationship, can I suspend my membership?

Yes, just email us advising us of your circumstances.  

What is the dress code for Tablemates dinners?

The general guideline is “Stylish Smart Casual”, or just dress to impress.  Remember, first impressions do count!

Okay, it all sounds great – WHAT DOES IT COST to become a Tablemates member?

There are no membership or joining fees!

A Booking Fee of $49 is payable for every Tablemates Dinner Invitation that you accept.  The Booking Fee is  debited from your nominated credit card, 4 business days before your  dinner date. If you cancel, it can be very difficult for us to arrange for someone to replace you at late notice.  Therefore the Booking Fee is not refundable or transferable if you cancel within 48 hours before the booking time, or if you are a no-show.

You pay the restaurant for whatever you order when you attend the dinner. Other than the Booking Fee, there are no other fees payable. Booking Fees payments can only be processed via a valid debit or credit card 96 hours before the dinner booking. 

Tablemates cannot accept cash or cheque payments for Booking Fees.

 So that’s it!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us, or simply complete the attached Membership Form.  You have nothing to lose, apart from those quiet nights at home when you would rather be somewhere else!

Tablemates would love to hear from you so you can jump-start your social life or meet that special someone.  Join now!

Tablemates Singles Dinner Club and Events Melbourne