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I am aged 30+ years. I have read & accept all conditions of the Tablemates Membership Application & Agreement stated below.


By completion of the Tablemates Membership Application & Agreement Form (the “Form”) , the Membership Applicant (“the Applicant”) declares, accepts and  acknowledges without exception, the following terms and conditions.

1.    The information provided by the Applicant to Tablemates in the Form is accurate.

2.    The Applicant is not in a committed relationship at the time the Form is submitted to Tablemates.  The Applicant agrees to inform Tablemates in writing of any changes to the Applicant’s circumstances in this regard.

3.    Tablemates do not provide any guarantees or compensation whatsoever in relation to the frequency, timeframes, outcomes, individual experiences or number of attendees including “no-shows” relating to dinner events as arranged by Tablemates.

4.    Tablemates reserve the right to cancel the Applicant’s Membership and terminate their association with the Applicant at any time without notice or compensation.

5.    The information and conditions contained in the Form supersede those contained in the Tablemates website,

6.     The information provided by the Applicant to Tablemates will be handled in the strictest confidence and will not be distributed or divulged to any other parties without the written authorisation of the Applicant.  This condition no longer applies if the Applicant engages in any action or activity that is damaging and/or defamatory towards Tablemates. 

7.    Tablemates is a recreation and dinner club designed for the purposes of introducing persons to each other for recreation and companionship and further acknowledges that Tablemates have not made any enquiries, investigations, or checks concerning any member’s or prospective member’s history or character, criminal or otherwise, and do not make any representations, express or implied, to the effect that there have been any such enquiries, investigations or checks made.

8.    The Applicant does not under any circumstances, rely on any representations – implied or expressed – of Tablemates or their employees or agents which would lead or induce the Applicant to neglect or fail to take all reasonable precautions as would be taken in like circumstances.  The Applicant shall not advance any claim, cause of action or liability for any reason whatsoever on the basis of such perceived, inferred, implied or expressed representation.

9.    The Applicant expressly and voluntarily waives any, and all, claims, causes of action, or liability as against Tablemates, it’s employees or agents as a result of, or arising from, any actions or statements made or published by other members, facility owners, operators or employees or any other person with whom the Applicant may have had contact or against whom a claim or cause of action may arise as a result of the membership and/or association of the Applicant within Tablemates.

10.     Upon receipt of conditional approval of the Form by Tablemates, the Applicant will provide further information to Tablemates as required within any specified timeframe.

11.    Booking Fee:  A Booking Fee of $49.00 is payable for each accepted Dinner Invitation.  The Applicant is under no obligation to accept a Dinner Invitation offered by Tablemates and the Booking Fee will only be processed and charged to their credit card details upon their acceptance, either verbally or by email, of each Dinner Invitation offered by Tablemates. The Booking Fee is processed to the Applicant’s credit card, 96 hours before the dinner booking.  The Fee is not refundable or transferable if:
         (a)  the Applicant withdraws their acceptance of the Dinner Invitation within the 48-hour period prior to the dinner booking or,
         (b)  the Applicant fails to attend an accepted Dinner Invitation, for any reason whatsoever, without prior notice of at least 48 hours before the dinner.

         The Applicant will not be charged any other fees in addition to the Booking Fee and conditions stated above.